What Kind of Flower Are You? Quiz

What Kind of Flower Are You?

Answer these questions and hit submit to find out what flower you are.

How many books do you have in your home?
When you retire, what kind of house do you want to live in?
A hotel
A nice cottage
The same house I have always lived in
A mansion
Your indoor plants are:
Barely Surviving
Making babies
Threatening to overwhelm your house.
The number of late bill payments you had in the past 30 days is:
Bills? Damn, I knew I forgot something.
Your idea of a fun dinner is
Eating alone
Eating with a significant other
Eating with a few friends
Eating with your entire family
Inviting every person you know over for a barbeque
In your garden you:
Hired no one and did everything with your own two hands.
Hired a designer, but you did the heavy lifting
Hired a landscape company to do the hard work, you made the design
Hired a landscape company to do the layout and installation, but you maintained it after that.
Hire someone else to do everything except drink the beer. That is your job.
Your workspace looks like:
I haven’t seen my desk in over a year.
The paper volcano just erupted
There is enough open space for your coffee cup and a few essentials
There are a few papers waiting to be filed.
Hermetically Sealed
When you paint a room you:
Paint the room white or cream
paint the room with neutral colors
  paint the room with something vibrant
Paint the room your current favorite color
paint a mural on the wall
When you have a headache, you:
Pretend you don’t feel it
Have a drink
Take an aspirin
Lie down with a cold wash cloth on your forehead
Take a percocet
How many steps does it take for you to do your hair in a typical morning (including steps in the shower):
Your friend wants you to lie to their spouse about why they came home late the other night, you:
Say you will lie and then tell their spouse the truth.
Refuse to lie.
Ask why they need the alibi andthen decide if you will lie.
Lie but ask to know what they are covering up
Lie for them. That is what friends are for, right?
Which kind of movie is your favorite
A movie where someone gets laid.
A movie where something blows up
A movie where the Boy gets the Girl
A movie that was independently made
A movie with subtitles
When you cook, your favorite cooking instrument is:
The telephone
The microwave
A good saucepan
A cuisinart
The latest gadget you saw Emeril use
When a friend needs help moving
They don’t ask you, they are still trying to fix the damage from the last time you helped them move
You lie and say you are busy
Tell them you will help if they can’t find anyone else.
You wait until they ask and then help them move
You offer to help them move without them asking
When you need to talk to someone about something important, you
Try not to think about it
Call your best friend
Call a few good friends
Call every person you know
Go see your therapist
How do you most often get from place to place?
A bike
A car
A Truck
When you are not gardening, which of these things would you prefer to do in your spare time?
Watch TV
Read a book
Make a dessert
Build a Birdhouse
Paint a picture?
Your best friend needs to borrow $100, you
Were just about to ask them if you could borrow $100
Wish you could, but money is a little tight so you can’t
It’s your policy not to loan money
Loan them the $100 but set up a repayment plan
Give them the $100 and you don’t care if they pay you back
Your idea of a really good gift from your partner is:
Who needs a gift?
A bouquet of flowers
Your favorite CD
Something handmade
The most expensive thing they can find
Your favorite flavor of ice cream is
Yuck, who likes ice cream?
Peanut butter mocha chocolate swirl

6 thoughts on “What Kind of Flower Are You? Quiz
  1. in a few areas, I chose the answer that was closest to my true answer. for instance, I don’t take a percocet for a migraine, but it is a prescriptive medicine.


  2. Joe on

    No matter how I change my answers, I still come up “echinacea”.


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