Garden Blog Post For Sale: Give Me Stuff and I will Talk About It

Being in the industry of internet marketing, I know that stuff like this happens. You are just innocently having some fun, writing a few words, a few people come to read it and *BAM* the next thing you know people start sending you free stuff. So I knew that this was possible. So I know that companies do it. I even know why companies, which I could explain, but that is a post for another kind of blog.

I just didn’t think it would be happen to me.

But a few weeks ago a gentleman contacted me. He would send me an urban composter if I agreed to talk about it on my blog. That was it. No strings. No false testimony necessary. I said sure and then promptly forgot about it. Until today when FedEx left two HUGE boxes on my porch which made it impossible for me open my front door.

I opened them and removed the un-assembled contents. Hey, guys. For future reference “DIRECTIONS WOULD BE NICE”. No directions, no picture, not a single clue as to how to put this puppy together. Fortunately, I have a clever husband and, due mostly to the fact that he is male and wouldn’t have read the directions anyway, he was able to put it together. I think he put it together. We ended up with four extra pieces that I have no clue where they go. Hopefully, they weren’t important.

We also had to Crisco the lip of the two sides of the barrel. Due to the fact that this is suppose to be a near watertight container, it is a very tight fit. Even after we greased it, there was alot of tugging and grunting to get the barrel to lock.

Other than that small detail, the composter is pretty impressive. It is heavy and solid. Definitely made to withstand some pretty harsh weather outdoors.

I’ll report back in a few weeks on how the thing actually performs. I’ll take free stuff anytime and I will write about it if it is garden related. But I promise that I will be honest about it.

4 thoughts on “Garden Blog Post For Sale: Give Me Stuff and I will Talk About It
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  2. That’s awesome 🙂 Free stuff is great, even without directions!

    Looks like a canon, maybe it’s so you can shoot some compost out into the garden with force.

    You’re right about directions, my husband irritates me so much. Pours all the contents of something out and an hour later gripes because he can’t figure out how it goes together. Hello, McFly.. that’s what directions are for. Read them, don’t use them as a coaster!


  3. Aw crap I’m sorry, I just realized the date of this blog entry. Well since it’s back from March (sorry!), how did it work? haha


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